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Swimming Pool Dehumidifier Product Line chosen as Best Value in Class for indoor pool and spa dehumidifiers is the HI-E Dry 100, 195 and Vehere by Therma-stor
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"No More Uncomfortable Moisture!  No More Wet Foggy Windows!  No More Soggy Wood and Drywall!  No More Mold Growth Around Sills and Baseboards!"

Do your guests complain about chemical smells or musty odors?
Have you noticed rust forming on light fixtures and furniture?
Is there mold and mildew growing around your pool room?
Do your decks and floors constantly stay wet?
Have you seen frost forming on outside walls or in your attic during cold weather?

IMPORTANT: Notice to Indoor Swimming Pool, Hot
Tub & Spa Owners

FACT:  Humidity and chemicals from your pool are constantly evaporating into the air.  Have you measured the relative humidity of the air in your pool room?  That humidity will soak its way through anything in its path... or condense on your walls, roof, floor and windows causing corrosion, wood rot, mold and bacteria growth and an unhealthy environment.

To protect your property investment, you need to dry out your home and keep it dry all year long with a properly sized pool or spa dehumidifier.

Indoor Swimming Pools without proper dehumidification are susceptible to...

Musty Odors Mold Damage
Uncomfortable humidity levels Wood Rot
Premature HVAC Failure Corrosion of Metal Objects
High Utility Bills Blistering and Peeling of Paint
Chemical Odors Unsanitary Bacteria Levels
Foggy Windows Damp Walls
Condensation on Vents Wet Slippery Floors That Never Dry




The Problem:
Pool Humidity, Property Damage, Unsanitary Conditions


So What's The Solution?
You need to keep your Relative Humidity in the 50% - 60% range.

We have talked to countless people who have tried numerous solutions, most of them sadly unsuccessful. 

WRONG ANSWER #1:  Some people think they can get away with a cheap solution.  They take a gamble and avoid buying a dehumidifier hoping an exhaust fan will do the job.  This could work in certain rare conditions... but...  to know for sure, you need to use the proper moisture transfer formulas.  That will tell you what equipment is necessary to maintain 50-60% RH (relative humidity) ...or just call us.  People who try using a fan generally end up trying a dehumidifier next.

WRONG ANSWER #2:  Some people think they can throw money at the problem and it will go away.  The more money they throw at it, the better the solution?  No.  They end up being sold unnecessarily big, loud equipment that wastes electricity.  And when we say wastes, we are talking about an average of $1GRAND wasted in electricity every year for a 440 sq. ft. swimming pool!  We won't name names, but the other pricy swimming pool dehumidifiers out there really aren't worth the extra money.  Especially when our HI-E Dry swimming pool dehumidifiers outperform EVERY other comparable unit available.

CORRECT ANSWER: For some people, the 3rd try is a charm.  If they knew what you found here, they could have saved a lot of money and started protecting their property investment from the time their pool was built.

Here is the answer to your indoor swimming pool humidity problems: SCIENCE

Our engineers take several factors from your pool environment to determine the most efficient and effective sized equipment for you.  It takes more than just the square footage of the pool!  Many equipment suppliers lack the experience and haphazardly choose an inadequate dehumidifier for your needs. Others simply do not have the right equipment and will try to sell you whatever they have.

WARNING: If someone trying to sell you a swimming pool dehumidifier does not ask you ALL these questions, then you are not getting the correct equipment!
Take a moment now to fill out this form for a FREE CONSULTATION.  Answer these simple questions about your indoor pool.  Rod (that guy at the top of this page), or one of his team of application engineers will review your answers and give you the answers necessary to make an informed decision about your indoor swimming pool dehumidifier.

For a FREE Consultation, answer a few questions about your swimming pool.

Humidity and Ventilation Free Consulting Service

Introducing the
Best Value in Class
of Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers

Our OscarAir, Inc team of engineers have a full range of equipment from which they can select the best choice for your swimming pool.  Yet, what we have found is that our HI-Efficiency (HI-E) Dry product line of Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers are 2-3 times more efficient than our competitor's more expensive alternatives.  We are so blown away by their performance and value that we chose these pool dehumidifiers as "Best Value in Class" for all comparable swimming pool dehumidifiers.  They provide EXCEPTIONAL performance and value.  In fact, when you contact us for a FREE consultation, we will offer you a 100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee ensuring the performance of the dehumidifier our application engineer recommends for your indoor swimming pool!

HI-E Dry 100
Hi-E Dry 100 Small spa and swimming pool dehumidifier
HI-E Dry 195
Hi-E Dry 195 Large home spa or commercial swimming pool dehumidifiers
HI-E Dry Vehere
Hi-E Dry Vehere Ducted spa and swimming pool dehumidifiers

What do we mean by "Best Value in Class"?

Best Value, to us means the most performance for the least cost.  We measure the performance of a dehumidifier by the amount of water it removes per day, across a wide range of temperature & humidity levels, as well as airflow and energy consumption. Due to our background as indoor air quality specialists and dehumidification experts, we take a much closer look at performance than your typical equipment distributor or local contractor.

Cost, to us, doesn't just mean the price of the dehumidifier... we look at energy efficiency too. What does it cost for you to run it? If you pay a couple hundred bucks for a retail store dehumidifier, it just won't do the job. On the other end of the spectrum, there are heavy duty machines built for swimming pools but due to their inefficient design, will make your electric bill skyrocket. Our HI-E Dry line of swimming pool dehumidifiers are 2-3 times more energy efficient than other commercial grade dehumidifiers.

Class, to us, means the classification or category where the dehumidifier is to be used.  Our class of HI-E Dry dehumidifiers are not only used in indoor swimming pools -- they can also be used in...

Our HI-E Dry Dehumidifiers Provide the Best Value for the Following:

Lap Pools Steam Baths
Play Pools Hot Tubs
Diving Pools Jacuzzi
Wading Pools Whirlpools
Exercise Pools Swim Against Current Endless Pools
Swim Spas Reflecting Pools
Resistance Swimming Pools Large Fish Tanks
Therapy Pools Aquariums
Locker Rooms & Showers Health and Fitness Clubs

If you're experiencing moisture problems, you need a high quality swimming pool dehumidifier.  Don't be fooled into purchasing a cheap, appliance grade dehumidifier because it can't... and won't do the job.  Our HI-E Dry Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers are designed and built especially for indoor swimming pools, whirlpools and spas.  These are robust units that can handle the heavy moisture load and harsh environment of your indoor pool.

Why Should You Listen to Us?

Our unique products have evolved over the past 20 YEARS to become the most efficient and effective line of swimming pool dehumidifiers on the market.  Feedback from indoor pool owners has helped us identify the biggest mistakes pool owners make when purchasing dehumidifiers.  Our experience has taught us how to identify, without a doubt, the best value in swimming pool dehumidification equipment.

Our team of dehumidification experts are handpicked from a group of scientists, engineers and other air quality experts (click About Us to read more about our expert team).  Unlike other equipment suppliers, our products are always sized properly using ASHRAE standards.  We are so confident about our abilities, that we offer a 100% Performance Guarantee with every purchase.

We Know What Money Pits You,
The Swimming Pool Owner, Need to Avoid!

  • Wasting money on a unit that is unnecessarily large and expensive to own and operate...

  • Wasting money on a dehumidifier that is underpowered that will work too hard and run up your electric bill...

  • Wasting money by installing an under powered exhaust fan system into your home that cannot battle the harsh humidity created by your indoor pool...

  • Wasting money on appliance grade dehumidifiers found in home improvement stores... these little units you see in stores will struggle to perform and burn up your electric bill without even obtaining  60% relative humidity.  These units usually freeze over and shut down, spending most of their time "defrosting".

That's why our staff put together a line-up of the right products at the right price to do the job right... the first time!  We don't want returns or unsatisfied customers.  That's why we created this website exclusively for the HI-E Dry line of swimming pool dehumidifiers.  We know that these high quality units will provide you with valuable benefits other indoor pool dehumidifiers can't:

  1. Lowest Price for its Class
  2. Lowest Energy Cost of ANY Competitor's Dehumidifier
  3. Higher Efficiency and Greater Performance


100% Risk Free Performance Guarantee
90 DAY 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE:  We guarantee the solution recommended by our application engineers will work, or get 100% of your money back!  Even with the worst humidity problems, you should see results within a few days.  In most cases, you will see results within a few hours.  Yet, we give you 90 days to decide if your OscarAir, Inc dehumidifier is working the way you expect it to work.  If within the first 90 days, you are not happy with the performance of your equipment, return it for a full refund.

There you go, a completely risk free Swimming Pool solution.  The information is free. Our consultation is free. The dehumidifier performance is guaranteed and the price is better than any other comparable units on the market.  All this gives you quality that can not be touched by any other Swimming Pool Dehumidifier...

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"There was an excess amount of humidity in the building...within 3 days, the humidity was under control"

Mark D. Simon,
Water Superintendent,
City of Brookfield, WI


“After fighting humidity problems in our water treatment facilities for many years, we purchased two HI-E Dry units. We placed one unit in the pipe basement and the other unit in the detention and filter room. These rooms were dry within two days and we were actually able to paint in these rooms in the middle of the summer.”

Jerry D. Boyer, Field Manager
Southern Sioux County Rural Water System


“The HI-E Dry unit has no problem handling the
room's indoor swimming pool humidity.”



“The unit is energy efficient, easy to operate and highly effective in it’s purpose.”

Sharon Gutwin


“We installed two of your HI-E Dry 195 units and our pool humidity immediately came down to 50%!"

David M. Renton,
Howard Johnson Hotel, Connecticut


"Quiet-Vent is the quietest ventilation system in the industry"

ESL sound testing for
Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) 9/5/97


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