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Scientific research for dehumidification equipment reveals strategies for humidity control in indoor pool and spa environments
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 About Our Organization

Who We Are

We are an organization comprised of air quality professionals across the United States and Canada with diverse experience in the private sector including:

  • scientists
  • researchers
  • designers
  • technicians
  • application engineers
  • chemical engineers
  • indoor air quality professionals
  • equipment manufacturer representatives
  • various other experts

Swimming Pool Dehumidifier Engineers and Technicians
Swimming Pool Technical Team

We are gathered under the umbrella of OscarAir.  The name, OscarAir is a tribute to the founder's son, Oscar.  The purpose of OscarAir is to promote indoor air quality awareness and realistic solutions that are made obtainable to the maximum number of people affected.

Our Organization's Mission

At www.SwimmingPoolDehumidifiers.org, we are dedicated to solving indoor air quality problems caused by swimming pools.  Indoor pools release excessive moisture and chemicals into the air.  This raises humidity and chemicals to damaging and unhealthy levels.  This problem was brought to our attention by the many people with indoor swimming pools who contacted us complaining about...

  • Nauseating infestations of mold and bacteria
  • Uncomfortable humidity rotting away their building structure
  • Wet pool decks that never dry
  • Moisture in their walls and carpet
  • Even icicles in the attic and along outside walls

To achieve our mission, we strive to do the following goals:

Our Organization's Goals

  1. Research indoor air quality problems caused by swimming pools.
  2. Find the ideal solution for indoor pool air quality problems that is economical, effective and environmentally responsible.
  3. Educate the public about problems and solutions for swimming pool air quality.
  4. Promote the results of our research to the maximum number of people affected.

Numbers 1 and 2 above have been performed and are constantly ongoing as technology evolves.  Numbers 3 and 4, "educate the public and promote our results" are carried out on this website, www.swimmingpooldehumidifiers.org.  Continue reading to find out how our website helps us achieve our goals.

Purpose of SwimmingPoolDehumidifiers.org Website

(3) Educate the public about problems and solutions for swimming pool air quality.
(4) Promote the results of our research to the maximum number of people affected.

On this website, you can find instructions and guidelines for environmental factors that the pool owner or caretaker can control.  We present information about ideal water temperature, ideal air temperature, ideal pool cover usage, ideal equipment choice, free engineering help and more.

A major area of our focus on this website is the factor that is most commonly misunderstood... the use of air exchange and dehumidification.  These are highly technical issues that require an application engineer to calculate and determine the proper equipment specifications for each indoor swimming pool.  We have chosen to present the basic concepts while offering a free engineering consultation service.

Furthermore, this site offers a showcase of our best choice for indoor swimming pool dehumidifiers based on value, a balance of efficiency, effectiveness and cost of ownership.  These dehumidifiers have been selected as "best value in class" by our unbiased organization of air quality scientists.  Unbiased means we searched and compared all competitive products on the market.  We then chose these particular dehumidifier models among all brands and models as the very best value for private and commercial indoor pools.

We put together an OscarAir team (headed by Rod Yarbrough, seen at the top right) to find the solution.  Of course we knew there would be plenty of different solutions at a range of prices.  But we wanted to determine the best value in dehumidification for an indoor pool.  In other words, the best bang for the buck.

Free Engineering Consulting Service

Until we find a better way to help the public determine proper dehumidifier and exhaust fan specifications, we offer a free engineering consulting service led by Rod Yarbrough.  This service is intended to help individuals or organizations in need of a humidity or air quality solution for their indoor swimming pool area.  Rod's team includes a head application engineer with over 20 years experience in dehumidification.  The team's experience includes humidity control for residential and commercial swimming pools as well as industrial water treatment plants.  Our SwimmingPoolDehumidifiers.org engineering team leader, Rod Yarbrough is an expert on all facets of indoor air quality and contamination control.

This service is open to the public and available by calling 1-800-650-3528 or filling out our consultation form.

Pool Humidity Application Engineer

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Our organization is respected throughout the world for air quality research & expertise.  You should recognize some of the big names from our 7,000 plus quality customer base.



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