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Part A:
Moisture Load From Water Surface
Your following answers will allow us to determine Pounds per Square Foot per Hour Evaporation Rate based on your desired pool water temperature, desired air temperature, desired relative humidity, surface area of pool and whether or not it is covered (2-6 hrs per day).
Desired Air Temperature
Desired Relative Humidity
Desired Water Temperature
Square Foot Area of Pool (Length x Width)
Do you keep your pool covered when not in use?

Part B:
Exhaust Ventilation to Remove Chemicals and Prevent Moisture Penetration of the Structure
This next section will allow us to calculate natural air leakage, the exhaust airflow required to prevent moist air penetration of the poolroom insulation and the airflow rating of your dehumidifier.
Square Foot Area of Room Containing Pool (Length x Width)
Ceiling Height (feet)
Air Leakage Estimate (based on construction)
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