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Pool Dehumidification System Performance Guarantee

Are you searching for a pool dehumidification system that is guaranteed to work?  For over 20 years, our team of application specialists, engineers and factory support staff have been providing solutions to business and home pool owners. With our dehumidification experience and diverse knowledge of air quality, we are able to offer you the OscarAir HI-E Dry Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers with a 100% Risk Free Money Back Performance Guarantee in addition to our 5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty!

Pool Dehumidification System Performance Guarantee Exclusive from OscarAir

How can we offer such a sweet guarantee?

Easy. Applying the science of airflow dynamics, water absorption rates and dehumidification principles, our engineers can accurately determine what equipment you need. Our dehumidification team has been doing this for over 20 years. This expertise, coupled with carefully chosen equipment, allows us to guarantee results..

There are No other Swimming Pool Dehumidification Systems on the market  worthy of this kind of guarantee.  So feel free to take one home and try it out for 90 days risk free.  By using the resources on this website along with direct consultation from one of our OscarAir, Inc. application engineers, you are qualified for the 90 day 100% money back guarantee.

Just call one of our application specialists before purchasing any HI-E Dry Swimming Pool Dehumidifier from our company, to activate your 100% Performance Guarantee..

Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers Gurantee

100% Performance Guarantee

Guaranteed Pool Dehumidification


During anytime within the 90 days after your OscarAir HI-E Dry purchase, if you decide you are not satisfied with the performance of your Swimming Pool Dehumidifier, just email or call OscarAir for a full refund.  You have nothing to lose, either it does the job you expect or you get your money back.  We assume all of the risk.  If you are not 100% satisfied, just return it in the condition you received it, with its original packaging and we will refund 100% of your money.

Call the experts at SwimmingPoolDehumidifiers.Org
- 1-800-650-3528 -
before purchasing to activate your 100% Performance Guarantee

Pool Dehumidification System Performance Guarantee   Dehumidifiers Guarantee


90 Day Guarantee + Plus 5 Year Warranty
What does it mean that OscarAir offers a 100% Money Back Performance Guarantee on top of the manufacturer 5 year warranty?  What is the difference between a guarantee and a warranty?  How does this compare to other companies' warranties? Read on to find out...

A warranty is generally a promise from the manufacturer that the product is free of defects for a period of time.  The terms of a manufacturers warranty usually allow you to send a defective product to the manufacturer for repair during the first few months, or whatever the length of the warranty is.  The HI-E Dry line of Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers has an excellent 5 Year Limited Warranty.  That includes 1 Year on all parts and labor (also includes shipping both ways!) , plus the condenser, evaporator and compressor are covered for a full 5 Years. Compare that to other dehumidifier warranties!

Our guarantee is unique and only offered through OscarAir, Inc.  Our 100% Money Back 90 Day Guarantee gives you a 90 day trial period.  This is our way of promising you that our application specialists will recommend the correct equipment for your specific needs.  If we do our job right, your humidity problem will be solved.  That 90 days gives you more than enough time to know if your new pool dehumidifier is doing the job.  Even if you have out of control humidity, it should only take a few days at most for the properly sized equipment to stabilize your indoor humidity levels.

What Warranties Don't Cover...

If you go to another company to buy a pool or spa dehumidifier... don't blindly trust them to sell you the right equipment.   Many times, even if the equipment is in perfect working order, it still may not do the job.  Sizing pool dehumidifiers for a specified area is not easy... you need a professional - someone who has been doing this for a long time -- to make sure your application is sized correctly.  If someone sells you the wrong equipment, a manufacturer's warranty will not cover bad advise.  The manufacturer may fix it if it is broken or defective... but if you buy the wrong equipment for the job... you are stuck with it.

That won't happen here.  With the Oscar Air Performance Guarantee, if the equipment doesn't do what we say it will do, you can return it within the first 90 days for a full refund.

Plus, we offer a Lowest Price Guarantee...

 Lowest Price Guaranteed on Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers


You'd Be Hard Pressed to Find a Better Price Elsewhere
...But if you do...
We Will Meet or Beat It!

We will Match the price of any other legitimate business selling comparable equipment.  Just contact us if you feel like you are not getting the best deal.

So, there you have it...  a completely risk free swimming pool humidity solution.  The consultation is free.  The dehumidifier performance is guaranteed and the price is better than any other comparable product on the market.  All this gives you quality that can't be matched by any other Swimming Pool dehumidifier.

Pool Dehumidification Systems Expert, Rod Yarbrough

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Our organization is respected throughout the world for air quality research & expertise.  You should recognize some of the big names from our 7,000 plus quality customer base.


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"There was an excess amount of humidity in the building...within 3 days, the humidity was under control"

Mark D. Simon,
Water Superintendent,
City of Brookfield, WI


“The HI-E Dry unit has no problem handling the
room's indoor swimming pool humidity.”



“The unit is energy efficient, easy to operate and highly effective in it’s purpose.”

Sharon Gutwin


“We installed two of your HI-E Dry 195 units and our pool humidity immediately came down to 50%!"

David M. Renton,
Howard Johnson Hotel, Connecticut


"Quiet-Vent is the quietest ventilation system in the industry"

ESL sound testing for
Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) 9/5/97

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