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Discover Why Ventilation Is An Important Element Of An Indoor Pool Dehumidification System

Find Out How Ventilation Prevents Moisture From Penetrating Your Insulation and Building Materials

Proper ventilation is a vital component of an indoor swimming pool dehumidification system.  Minimally, a simple negative pressure exhaust ventilation system should be employed.  By slightly depressurizing the pool room, exhaust ventilation prevents moisture from penetrating and damaging the structure.

Our favorite choice for superior pool room ventilation is the Quiet-Vent ventilation system.  Quiet-Vent is an innovative central exhaust ventilation system that replaces loud, low performance exhaust fans.  This ventilation system operates independently from the swimming pool dehumidifier.  It keeps the concentrations of corrosive pool chemicals to a minimum and keeps moisture from penetrating the rest of the structure.  

Quiet-Vent provides constant ventilation throughout changes in temperature to assure you of a comfortable experience in your indoor swimming pool.  Ventilations rates can be adjusted to provide the correct air flow rate for your individual application.  Proper ventilation is an excellent way to insure your pool room has good indoor air quality.

Quiet-Vent Specifications:

*  Fan Motor-2 speeds, 115 volt, 60 Hertz 1.7 amps, thermally protected, high-speed/95 watts, low-speed/50 watts, (115 volt, 10 amp circuit required).

*  Fan Capacity-high-speed/295 CFM, low-speed/165 CFM

*  Timer-7 day timer, 2 hour intervals (controls low-speed)

*  Inlet Ducts-three 4", one 6"

*  Outlet Duct-single 6"

*  Filter-metal screen (cleanable)

*  Weight-30 lbs.

*  Dimensions-(W) 14 1/2", (L) 13 1/2", (H) 13 1/8"

Quiet-Vent Ventilation System

A VERY important consideration when installing a ventilation system is local codes.  Your ventilation system should ALWAYS meet or exceed your local code.  By using the Quiet-Vent system along with a HI-E Dry Swimming Pool Dehumidifier, you’ll be assured of getting the maximum enjoyment from your indoor swimming pool or spa.

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