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HI-E Dry 100 Swimming Pool and Spa Dehumidifier

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Is Indoor Pool Humidity Taking Over Your Home?

Would you like to get rid of foggy windows, wet walls and musty smells from your indoor pool?

Do you have a hot tub, whirlpool, Jacuzzi, or small spa that is making your home "sweat"?

How about a swim-in-place / endless exercise pool?

…or any pool under 200 square feet?

Don’t let high humidity levels in your indoor swimming pool or spa cause expensive damage.  The highly efficient, cost effective HI-E Dry 100 can remove 106 pints of water per day from your indoor pool environment.


Is this the right dehumidifier for your pool?
This question is a little more complicated than it sounds.  The HI-E Dry 100 is the smaller version of the other two dehumidifiers showcased on this website.  This unit has airflow and pints/day capacity sized right for slightly smaller jobs.  So, how do you know if this dehumidifier is right for your application?  You can’t go by square feet alone.  It depends on many factors like water temperature, air temperature, pool activity, whether or not you keep it covered and a bunch of other things.  Sometimes a small hot tub in a medium sized room with cool air temperature will need a larger dehumidifier.  If you want to know if this is the right unit for you, call and talk to a professional application engineer at 1-800-564-0667.

3 Major Advantages of the HI-E Dry 100:

  1. Removes moisture from the air and returns the heat to the pool or space as needed
  2. Cools the space as needed
  3. Supply and/or control additional space heating as needed

Smart Engineering puts these pool dehumidifiers where other competitive brands can’t come anywhere close…

The HI-E Dry 100 high efficiency dehumidifier utilizes refrigeration to cool the incoming air stream below its dew point as it passes through the evaporator coil. This cooling results in the removal of moisture (latent heat). The cooled and dried air is used to pre-cool the incoming air stream resulting in up to a 200 percent increase in overall efficiency. After the pre-cooling stage the processed air is reheated by passing through the condenser coil. The latent heat removed by the evaporator coil is returned to the air stream at this stage as sensible heat, resulting in an overall temperature increase from the incoming air.

Here are some of the reasons we chose the HI-E Dry 100 as "BEST VALUE IN CLASS" of dehumidifiers for small to medium indoor pools..

dehumidifier Super Easy to Use – Set it and Forget it!
Built-in humidistat allows the 100 to automatically maintain a set level of humidity
pool dehumidifier Big Power From a Frugal Little Unit
Removes 106 pints of water per day (80Ëš F/60% RH)
dehumidifier Low Cost
Small refrigeration system allows the 100 to be priced less than other commercial dehumidifiers of equal capacity
pool dehumidifier Small, Portable Unit Makes Life Easier
Compact, portable unit weighs only 110 pounds and comes with 4 casters
dehumidifier You’ll Never Have to Worry About Blowing a Fuse!
Uses only 7 amps
pool dehumidifier Big Airflow Can Dry Your Pool Area Quickly
Robust 255 CFM blower
dehumidifier Versatile Controls for Many Ventilation Situations
Blower switch permits continuous blower operation independent of dehumidification
pool dehumidifier No Need to Hire an Electrician!
6 foot power cord simply plugs into a standard 115 volt receptacle with ground


HI-E Dry 100
Indoor Pool & Spa Dehumidifier


For You Technical Guys and Gals…
Check out These Impressive Specs!

Water Removal Rates (Pints/Day)
at various temperatures and relative humidity levels
90°F, 90% 172 pints / day
80°F, 80% 129 pints / day
80°F, 60% 106 pints / day
70°F, 80% 113 pints / day
70°F, 60% 83 pints / day
60°F, 80% 94 pints / day
60°F, 60% 64 pints / day
50°F, 80% 67 pints / day
50°F, 60% 25 pints / day


Minimum Performance at Set Conditions
Intake Air 70°F 60% 80°F 60%
Water Removal/Day 86 Lbs 110 Lbs
Pints/KWH 6.0 6.8


HI-E Dry 100 Dehumidifier Unit Specifications
Power 115 VAC 7 Amps
Kilowatts 0.61 (80°, 60% RH)
Blower 255 CFM
Capacity (24 Hours) 106 pints ( 80°, 60% RH)
Temperature Range 33°F – 110°F
Warranty 5 Year Limited


Minimum Performance at Set Conditions
  Unit Shipping
Width 20" 25"
Height 36" 41"
Depth 17" 24"
Weight 110 Lbs 125 Lbs

Technical Specifications, Diagrams and Performance Curves Graphs illustrate capabilities of the Thermastor Hi-E Dry 100 Indoor Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers

HI-E Dry 100
Indoor Pool & Spa Dehumidifier