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HI-E Dry Vehere Swimming Pool Dehumidifier

Learn about HI-E Dry Vehere Indoor Swimming Pool Dehumidifier for spa and other applications

“Foggy Windows…Mold & Mildew…Chemical Odors…Wood Rot. Are These Things You Want In Your Indoor Swimming Pool?”

Are you experiencing any of these problems in your indoor swimming pool, health club or spa?

The solution to these humidity problems is the Vehere Swimming Pool Dehumidifier; designed specifically for home and commercial indoor swimming pools. Similar in size and power to the HI-E Dry 195, the Vehere comes ready to install with…

  • 12″ inlet and outlet collars
  • Low voltage humidistat controller that you can mount anywhere
  • Gravity Drain
  • 6 feet of condensate hose

Which Dehumidifier is Correct for Your Pool?

For stand alone dehumidifiers, see the HI-E Dry 195 Swimming Pool Dehumidifierr. For smaller applications we recommend the HI-E Dry 100 Swimming Pool Dehumidifier.

To properly size your application, call 1-800-564-0667 to talk to one of our application engineers. We have 20 consecutive years experience.

The Vehere is a High Efficiency/High Capacity dehumidifier build for the heavy loads and harsh environments of indoor swimming pools. Don’t be fooled into purchasing a cheap, appliance grade dehumidifier that is not capable of handling moisture problems associated with indoor swimming pools, spas and whirlpools. Building an indoor swimming pool is a big investment. Don’t let your investment be devalued by the damaging effects of corrosive chlorine laden water vapor not being removed from the air.


HI-E Dry Vehere Pool Dehumidifier Benefits

  • Reduced energy costs
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Prevents structural damage
  • Eliminates chemical and musty odors
  • Simple to set up and operate

Advanced Design makes Vehere indoor swimming pool dehumidifiers completely untouchable by the competition. We chose the HI-E Dry Dehumidifiers as “BEST VALUE IN CLASS” for a several reasons. Just read what these things can do…

Vehere dehumidifier Low Electric Consumption >> More Money in Your Pocket The Vehere can remove 2 to 3 times more water per kilowatt hour of electricity than any other comparable dehumidifier, whether it is installed or conventional. The hard working Vehere will remove over 190 pounds of water from the air per day (80°F/60% RH*) * ASHRAE recommended standards. This innovative dehumidifier removes all of this water while drawing only 12 amps of electricity. This will save you big $$$ on your annual energy costs!
pool dehumidifiers Clear Up Those Foggy Windows The high performance Vehere delivers airflows up to 540 CFM (cubic feet per minute). This hefty airflow will clear up those foggy windows and make your indoor pool experience more comfortable by also reducing mold, mildew and pool chemical odors.
spa pool dehumidifiers Simple Humidity Control The humidity sensor/controller is designed for simplicity. The operational settings are marked “Low”, “Normal”, “High” and represent the amount of humidity in the air. Adjust the controller to “Low” to reduce humidity and towards “High” to increase humidity levels.
commercial pool dehumidifier Versatile >> Works in Just About Any Situation The Vehere can be used free standing or can be easily adapted to operate remotely to dehumidify your pool or spa area by using optional ducting and by remotely mounting the humidity controller.
swimming pool dehumidifiers No Electrician Needed >> Just Plug It In! The Vehere simply plugs into a standard 115 volt 15 amp outlet. A 7 foot power cord is included. A 20 amp circuit is recommended.
Vehere pool dehumidifier Works Like a Champ… For Years and Years High Quality Construction – Stainless steel body and a 5 year warranty

Don’t let high humidity ruin your indoor swimming pool experience. Call one of our expert application engineers today and let them help you size the right swimming pool dehumidifier for your specific applications.


If you are a contractor, or simply choose to perform your own research, please review the specifications below… and you will see why we chose this product line as the “BEST VALUE IN CLASS”.

Water Removal Rates (Pints/Day) at various temperatures and relative humidity levels
Temp, RH Pints per Day KWH per Day
80°F, 80% 238 37.1
82°F, 60% ASHRAE Recommended Conditions 191 35.3
80°F, 60% 185 34.3
60°F, 80% 160 27.5

HI-E Dry 100 Dehumidifier Unit Specifications
Power 110-120 VAC 12 Amps
Blower 540 CFM without ducting 510 CFM @ .15 IWG external static pressure
Capacity (24 Hours) 185 pints/day ( 80°, 60% RH )
Temperature Range 33°F – 110°F
Warranty 5 Year Limited

Minimum Performance at Set Conditions
Unit Shipping
Width 36.5″ 39.25″
Height 40″ 48.75″
Depth 19″ 30″
Weight 180 Lbs 214 Lbs

Vehere Indoor Swimming Pool Dehumidifier Testing Results shown in charts, diagrams and graphs for research purposes

HI-E Dry Vehere Indoor Swimming Pool Dehumidifier